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When you've lost a loved one, we can help ... by looking after all your memorial print needs.

We offer the complete range of:
  • Acknowledgement / Thank you cards
  • Memorial cards
  • Bookmarkers
  • Candle holders
  • Lanterns
  • Keepsakes / Keyrings
  • Graveside gifts
  • Graveside ornaments
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Understanding Your Grief; Personalising Memorial Print

Death is sudden. No matter how well prepared we are, the final parting is shattering and the last thing on our minds at that point are arrangements. Yet, we have to move to the removal and burial stage with a level of speed. Too much, too soon; it’s overwhelming.

That’s where The Depot can help. We understand personal loss and feelings. That’s why we deliver a very personalised and sensitive Memorial Print service. We know what’s needed initially – a framed photograph for the coffin; a personalised candle for the funeral; a requiem booklet for the Mass/Service; a personalised grave gift to mark the grave until the headstone is lovingly chosen, and perhaps, a key ring for the children or grandchildren as a keepsake. Whatever the requirement, be assured that The Depot team will design and produce it sensitively and to your specific requirements. If you can’t find a photograph in the midst of your grief, we can incorporate an image, picture, flower or an emblem of your choice instead.

Time is a healer; it’s true, but at the time of death it is hard to understand those four small words. That’s why it’s best to wait a while to choose your Memorial Stationery. You’ll have time to find the photograph you’d like for the memorial card/bookmark. You’ll have had space to think about the design of the card and the words that best recall the life of the deceased. You’ll also know how many acknowledgement cards you’ll need and which type you’d like to send; they’re as important as the memorial card. After all, anyone who took the time to have a Mass said would like their personal keepsake.

When it’s time to choose Memorial Stationery: memoriam, wallet, acknowledgement or missal cards, notepaper, bookmarks, keyrings, grave gifts or something bespoke to you, then call: June or Nuala at The Depot, 242 Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6W @ 01 4965451.

We will try to make this part of the journey a little easier.

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