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01 496 5451

Our Thesis / Dissertation binding service is available in a variety of options, including Hard Back Book Binding and Soft Binding which includes, Perfect Glue Binding, Spiral Binding and Wiro Binding.

We can print your document from a PDF or a Word Document.  Black and White prints are from as little as €0.10ea and Colour prints are €0.50ea.  If you have your document on a memory stick, drop it into us and we'll look after it for you or simply upload your file on this website.  Another option is to simply email Nuala your document to: [email protected]

Don't forget, we can print your work very quickly and professionally on our large Xerox machine, to the highest standard available.

And remember, to avoid delay and speed your binding process along, 'BOOK IT IN', with a telephone call or an email!

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